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Psychotherapy & Counselling

What is the difference?


Sometimes referred to as “talk therapy” is usually conducted on a short term basis, and can be helpful for anyone experiencing problems involving relationships, work, family or friends.  My approach is to start in the ‘here and now’ by listening to my clients’ worries, and helping them develop an insight into both their problems and their goals.  We then work together to establish ways of coping, which in turn helps build confidence and enables you – the client – to move forward as you start to develop more positive ways of coping and relating to others.

Counselling usually occurs over a period of approximately 6 sessions, extending to more if you decide to continue.

Psychotherapy can be anything from a few months and can extend to a year or more, it depends on what you choose.


Sometimes referred to as “therapy” or “talk therapy” also involves listening to the client’s problems, but takes longer than counselling as the aim is for you to more fully understand what has happened in your life and how you have responded to it so far. The aim is to understand issues and problems, not just to manage them.  Psychotherapy helps to understand patterns of behaviour that bring familiar, but often negative results, such as relationships ending in the same way,  or continued conflict in life.

Psychotherapy involves looking back and understanding the past with a new awareness; so that you can move forward in a different, more positive and productive way.

If you want to make changes in your life, counselling and/or psychotherapy can be a positive step towards this.

Which is for me?

Perhaps consider which statement appeals the most:  

Counselling can help me decide what to do/change to feel better.


Psychotherapy can help me discover who I am and who I really want to be.

Some clients start with counselling and continue on for longer term psychotherapy, it is your decision as the client.