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Couples Counselling

Galway Counselling and Therapy also provide Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling can be helpful for couples, (married or not) experiencing relationship difficulties. Couples Counselling can benefit couples who want to learn how to relate to each other in a more positive way.

The approach I use can help you:

  • Be more open in your communication with each other

  • Learn more positive ways of relating to each other – how to stop the negative cycle that can re-occur, for example having the same argument repeatedly

  • Resolve conflict through open communication

  • Provide the space and time for the couple in the room to work through transitions and difficult decisions

  • Consider how you would like your relationship to be in the future and ways in which this can be achieved

  • Many couples would like to have a happier relationship and this approach can help you identify ways of working towards this as a couple.

The approach is secular and not faith based


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