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Mental Health & Wellness Talks

I have experience and qualifications across a range of environments relating to Mental Health and Education, as a Residential Youth worker, an Educational Psychologist & Psychology Lecturer, College & University Counsellor/ Psychotherapist. I am a Psychotherapist in Private Practice with a diverse population and offer counselling and psychotherapy in person and online.

I provide Mental Health Wellness & Management Talks for groups interested in further understanding & improving Mental Health and Psychological Wellness. Using my experience I can provide information and expertise for:

  • School, College & University students

I am experienced in working with school age children (6yrs+), undergraduate and graduate students and helping them work through academic and personal challenges using an educational psychology and psychotherapeutic approach.

  • Parents

Keeping or Re-Establishing Positive Communication, Boundaries & Behaviour, Impact of Social Media and Peer Influences.

  • Educators & Staff

Working with groups and teams, facilitating a positive understanding of Mental Health and addressing the on-going challenges of maintaining Mental Health and Wellness in the educational environment

  • Employees & Employers

We bring ourselves into our work, these talks focus on maintaining Mental Health & Wellness in the professional environment.

These talks are designed specifically for each group, the goal is to facilitate understanding and management of Mental Health and Wellness using a collaborative approach and include:

  • An understanding of the issues

  • The impact of the issues

  • A focus on Mental Health Management, with management strategies that can be used by younger students and adults, in a positive way.